This is a very common disease, particularly among children. White ulcerated spots are seen on the inside of the mouth and throat, and also on the tongue, gums, lips, etc. The gums swell, are spongy and recede from the teeth. These symptoms are generally preceded by feverishness, and more or less derangement of the stomach and bowels. There is often swelling of the glands of the throat and mouth, and a profuse secretion of acrid, putrid saliva.


Mercury is the most prominent remedy, unless the disease has been caused by an abuse of that drug, when Nit.-ac., or Carbo.-v. should be taken. For the symptomatic indications of these remedies, also Ars., Nux-v.,. Sulph., Carbo-v., Nit.-ac. See Scurvy.


Ulceration of the gums, mouth, and tongue; acrid, fetid, urine. Particularly useful in children.


Principally in plethoric persons who lead a sedentary life, and where there are burning vesicles in the mouth and on the tongue, and swelling of the gums.


Same as in Scurvy.