This disease is exceedingly painful, and, as might naturally be supposed, attended with great anguish.

Fortunately, however, it is of rare occurrence. It may be occasioned by cold, derangement of adjoining organs, abuse of Mercury, ulcers, poisons, mechanical injuries, the sting of a bee, etc. The tongue swells to an enormous size, so as to fill the whole cavity of the mouth, and even protrude beyond the teeth, and unlesss peedily relieved, suppuration, gangrene, or hardening of the tongue may take place.


When occasioned by mechanical injuries or by the sting of a bee, eight or ten drops of Arnica may be put in four tablespoonfuls of water, and the mouth rinsed with it three or four times a day.

Should there be considerable inflammation and fever, Aconite should be given, a dose every hour, followed, if there is much pain, swelling, and tendency to suppuration, by Mercury and Belladonna in alternation one or two hours apart.

Arsenic and Lachesis may be alternated in the same manner, should there be danger of gangrene

When the difficulty arises from the abuse of Mercury, Nit-ac ., or Hepar-s. may be administered two or three hours apart

If produced by a burn, Urtica-urens is the appropriate remedy, administered in the manner indicated for Arnica.


Two drops, or twelve globules in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful at a dose; or a powder, or six globules on the tongue. Give as above directed.