Notwithstanding this disease is often mistaken for pleurisy, with a little care it can be very readily distinguished. It is a rheumatic affection of the intercostal muscles, generally preceded by pains in the neck and shoulders, and accompanied with but little if any fever or thirst. The pain is often severe in the side, but the cough is slight, only hard pressure between the ribs increases it, while in pleurisy the side is exceedingly sensitive to a slight touch, and the cough is dry and painful.


Arnica, two or three doses, given at intervals of three hours, will often be sufficient to produce a cure. If then, relief is not obtained, the Arnica may be alternated with Pulsatilla, two hours apart, until three or four doses of each have been taken.


Two drops, or twelve globules, in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful at a dose.


Where the pains are sharp and cutting, exceedingly violent during inspiration.


Same as Arnica, give every two or three hours.


v. - Shooting pain, with great sensibility of the external parts of the chest to the touch, aggravated by movement and by deep inspiration.


One drop, in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful given; or a powder or three globules on the tongue.


I have frequently found this remedy very efficacious, where the pains were sharp and cutting, increased by movement, and where other remedies had failed to produce a beneficial result.


Same as Bryonia.

External application of warmth, in the form of hot cloths, or even a cloth wrung out in Alcohol, and slightly sprinkled with Cayenne pepper, will frequently produce relief.