Intense thirst, skin dry, face flushed, pupils dilated, pulse and respiration rapid, restlessness, excitement, delirium, convulsions, coma.

If death, in one to ten hours from paralysis of the respiratory center.

Chemical Antidote

Tannic acid one gram.


Wash out the stomach with warm water or remove its contents with emetics (apomorphine hydrochloride gr. 1-10 hypodermatically, zinc sulphate two grams, or a tablespoonful of mustard to a wineglass of water) repeated in fifteen minutes, if necessary. Keep up the body temperature with dry heat applications. Em-ploy artificial respiration, if necessary. Counteract the respiratory failure with strychnine hypodermatically. Allay the thirst. Do not allow the urine to accumulate in the bladder; catheterize if it cannot be voided.


Temporary disturbances of vision.