There are a number of two-way catheters on the market, but the best has a partition run ning through a single tube. This form has the maximum ingress and egress for the minimum calibre.

The catheter should be passed as an ordinary sound, entered well into the bladder, the upper of the two ways connected with the reservoir, and the lower with a short piece of tubing leading to a pus pan, or other receptacle. The elevation of the reservoir should not be over three feet, for if too much force is used the bladder is distended too greatly.

The solution, usually a weak antiseptic, should be warmed to 100° F., and every precaution against infection should be taken. In default of a two-way catheter, any ordinary catheter may be utilized by filling the bladder through it, then allowing the bladder to empty, and repeating the operation until the solution comes away clear.