Nervous excitement, dyspnoea, pupils dilated, face cyanotic, extremities cold, pulse weak and rapid, respiration shallow, delirium, sometimes convulsions, coma.

Death is rare, but if it occurs is usually within a few minute..

Chemical Antidote

If taken by the mouth, give tannic acid, one gram, and wash out the stomach with warm water.


Keep up the .body temperature with dry heat applications. Employ artificial respiration, if nec-essary. Control convulsions with chloroform. Counteract the depression with strychnine hypodermatically. Should there be insufficient response to this, give one c. c. of adrenalin or suprarenalin solution (1 to 1,000) intra muscularly and follow with atropine hypodermatically. If stimulation must be kept up, use a saturated solution of camphor in olive oil, one c. c, intramuscularly pro re nata until such time as strychnine may he repeated with safety.