In experimentation with any of the above drugs the following data should, if possible, be recorded in notebooks in the order named:

Date, species, breed, and physical condition of the animal used for experiment; its age, sex, and weight. The anesthetic used and the length of time of the anesthesia. The drug, preparation of it and dose used, and how and where administered. The length of time after its administration before the first symptoms of its actions are noted. The character, depth, and frequency of the respirations; the rate of the heart beat and the blood pressure, if taken, should all be recorded at intervals designated by the instructor. Vomiting, purging, and urination should all be noted. The length of time the dose acts should be recorded if noted, and if the animal lives the rate of excretion of the drug and when completely eliminated, if such examinations are made.

Special examinations of special functions instituted by the instructor should also be carefully recorded after the above data.

In the following section the principal physiologic activities of the drugs are indicated, all of which can be experi mentally demonstrated. An alphabetical arrangement has been adopted for convenience: