These are indicated in ulcer of the stomach, in persistent vomiting, and when trauma or stricture precludes mouth feeding.

Before giving a nutrient enema the lower bowel and rectum should be cleansed by an injection of physiologic saline, and this should be repeated before every rectal feeding. The interval between the cleansing enema and the feeding enema should be about an hour. The former may be given with the ordinary fountain syringe, but the latter is best given with a large piston syringe and a soft rubber rectal tube.

The rectal tube should be introduced from six to eight inches and the injection made very slowly, after which the patient should lie quietly, and endeavor to retain the enema. The quantity given at each injection will some what depend upon the age of the individual; for an adult about 250 c. c, and this four times in the twenty-four hours.

Various artificial nutriments are used for this purpose, but peptonized meat juices, pancreatized milk, and raw eggs are the most valuable. Sugar and salt should be added to the nutriment.