Drowsiness and decreased sensibility. Pupils contracted, pulse weak and rapid, respiration slow and irregular, ultimately becoming very slow. Skin moist and cold, coma.

If death, from paralysis of the respiratory center.

Chemical Antidote

Tannic acid, one gram.


Wash out the stomach with warm water, or remove its contents with emetics (apomorphine hydrochloride gr. 1-10 hypodermatically, zinc sulphate two grams, or a tablespoonful of mustard to a wineglass of water), repeated in fifteen minutes, if necessary. Keep up the body temperature with dry heat applications. Counteract the depression with strychnine hypodermatic-ally. Should there be insufficient response to this, give one c. c. of adrenalin or suprarenalin solution (1 to 1,000) intramuscularly, and follow with atropine hypodermatic-ally. If stimulation must be kept up use a saturated solution of camphor in olive oil, one c. c, intramuscularly pro re nata until such time as strychnine may be repeated with safety. Employ artificial respiration persistently. Do not allow the urine to accumulate in the bladder; catheterize if it cannot be voided. Wash out the stomach once or twice more, at intervals of an hour, and give a saline cathartic to remove the contents of the bowels.