The mucous membranes are white from contact with the phenol. Usually, but not always, there is intense burning pain from mouth to stomach. Occasion ally there is vomiting. Pupils contracted, temperature subnormal, cyanosis, occasionally convulsions, coma.

If death, in a few minutes to an hour, from cardiac and respiratory paralysis.

Chemical Antidote

Sodium sulphate, thirty grams, brandy, whiskey, dilute alcohol.


Wash out the stomach with alcohol and water (25 per cent. alcohol). Keep up the body temperature with dry heat applications. Counteract the depression with strychnine hypodermatically. Should there be insufficient response to this, give one c. c. of adrenalin or suprarenalin solution (1 to 1,000) intramuscularly, and follow with atropine hypodermatically. If stimulation must be kept up, use a saturated solution of camphor in olive oil, one c. c, intramuscularly pro re nata until such time as strychnine may be repeated with safety. Soothe the inflammed mucous membranes by the unrestricted use of any demulcent liquid that may be desired. Milk, albumin water and starch water are suitable.

Contra-Indicated - Any exertion, oils, emetics.


Gastritis, renal inflammation, stricture of the oesophagus and stomach.