Symptoms- Restlessness and sense of impending death, difficulty in breathing, sudden muscular contractions (all muscles are involved ), increasing in severity and dura tion, opisthotonus. The contractions are tonic and induced by the slightest stimulus. The intellect is always clear.

If death, usually within two hours, from asphyxia, during a convulsion or from exhaustion. Recovery is usual if the fourth hour is survived.

Chemical Antidote

Tannic acid, one gram.


Wash out the stomach with warm water if convulsions have not commenced. If convulsions have commenced, and it seems advisable to empty the stomach it should he done under chloroform. Do not allow the urine to accumulate in the bladder; catherize under chloroform if it cannot be voided. Give chloral by rectum and control the spasms with chloroform inhalations. As soon as possible give a purge to remove what may remain in the alimentary tract.


All noise, strong light, and any kind of stimulation.