In the application of isopathic preparations, the guiding rule is that an increase in the dosage may be undertaken only when the previous or identical dosages no longer bring effective action. Every overdose has an excessive production of toxic decomposition forms as its consequence. The task of the tissues in removing these decomposition products out of the body, namely through the skin, the intestine, the urinary passages and the bronchi - can, then, only be insufficiently or not at all fulfilled. In the case of massive disease foci, such a condition can occur even with greatest precaution, and it can bring the healing processes to a slower pace or even stop them. By repeated injection of detoxified active fungal antibodies (Anti-Chondritins), the elimination of each form of decomposition is accelerated and, thereby, the effectiveness of the isopathic preparation becomes enhanced. The darkfield examination of the blood reveals such "toxic" conditions, caused by the congestion of endobiontic decomposition products. At such times there is a fundamental need to look well to the effective functioning of the organs of elimination (stool, urine, sweat, sputum). Under circumstances, a detoxification therapy (enemas, baths, teas, electrolytes) may be required.

The decomposition products of the Endobiont that are eliminated on an ongoing basis without treatment under healthy conditions may, in patients, again adopt higher valences or higher developmental stages during their outward passage through the skin, intestine, urinary paths and bronchi. This way, especially in cancer cases, short rods frequently form in the intestines. Because they are shaped like coli bacteria, they are easily misinterpreted as degenerated coli bacteria. These forms are usually easily decomposed within 12 hours after administration of the relevant capsule form, which decompose them again into the Chondrit stage. These forms, which are also referred to as Paracoli, cause intense constipation and must be closely watched in cancer cases. For this reason, Isopathic Therapy plays an important role also in the treatment of obstipation and dysbacteria.

Because MUCOKEHL( Mucor racemosus) also effects decongestion of agglutinated erythrocytes, leucocytes, thrombocytes, etc., an appropriate massage of connective tissues and muscles is of especially supportive significance. The myogeloses, painful points, etc. affected thereby are nothing but the accumulation of low-valanced developmental stages.

Every isopathic treatment can be performed with oral, inhalable, or percutaneously rubbed-in preparations, suppositories, or through injection. These diverse forms of application can be combined or alternatively administered, according to the situation of the case. The intake, inhalation and rubbing are milder in effect and suitable for prophylactic treatment during the intervals that are free from injections, and for follow-up treatments. Drops are also very effective when dropping 1-2 drops into each nostril.

Application as Injections

In general, one begins an injection series with the weakest strength (for example, 7X). In case of no reaction, one changes to 6X and finally to 5X.

Application of the Fungal Antibodies

Fungal antibodies (Antichondritins) serve for freeing the blood of stronger infestation by decomposition products of the Endobiont after Chondritin injections. These do not affect the higher cyclic forms, such as bacteria, but only the decomposition products in the primitive phases. On the first or second day after administering injections, 1 ml is injected s. c. or i. m.; this can be repeated in identical intervals.

External Application

Percutaneous application, according to the style of the Ponndorf Inoculation or the Baunscheidt Method, raises the effectiveness of the isopathic remedy. In the area of the diseased organ, or else in the elbow bends or groin, 5 -10 drops daily, or at longer intervals, externally rubbed in on injection-free days. Eye drops are dropped into the palpebral tissue. The ointment is applied thinly on the affected skin portions 1 - 3 times daily, or spread knife-thick onto the bandage.

Application as an Inhalation

Using a sterile pocket inhalator, the drop form is externally inhaled; 10 - 20 drops inhaled deeply, 2 -3 times daily through the mouth and nose. The inhalator must not contain even a trace of any cleaning agent!

Internal Application

The oral fungus preparations support the effect of the injected, rubbed in and inhaled preparations; they have, moreover, a local impact on disease processes, especially in the gastro-intestinal canal. Tablets or capsules can be taken with or without food. One swallows the capsules with a little water. The tablets should be allowed to melt under the tongue.

The appropriate combination of preparations from the endobiontic series is definitely possible and useful. However, NOTAKEHL( Penicillium chrysogenum) must not be taken simultaneously with MUCOKEHL( Mucor racemosus), SANKOMBI( Mucor racemosus/Aspergillus niger) or NIGERSAN (Aspergillus niger)because these preparations weaken or nullify their effects mutually (antagonism).

Additional Measures

The normalization of the blood pHmust be given very special significance in all diseases of the Endobiosis complex. This is especially required if the patient's blood shows a Protit veil after a Chondritin injection, because it always points to a raised pH or rH2 value of the blood. The stress that is thereby exerted on the circulation of the blood aggravates or blocks the desired copulation of the Chondrits. An injection of L(+) lactic acid ( SANUVIS) several minutes before the Chondritin injection is recommended for the necessary adjustment of the pH value.

In regard to additional biological therapy in general, the therapist naturally remains in control of all possibilities during the period of isopathic treatment.

Unfortunately, there continues to be insufficient awareness that the presence of a focal disturbance field can limit or cancel the effectiveness of every holistic treatment. It should be a precondition to examine the patient and to undertake sanitizations before the administration of isopathic/homeopathic preparations. Not only should the usual foci in teeth, tonsils, paranasal sinuses, intestine, etc. be considered, but also the amalgam fillings play an important part in the sense of focal toxicoses through years of releasing mercury. The replacement of these fillings by neutral materials is desirable.

An article by Dr. med. A. Baum on "Paravertebral Whealing" (Sanum Remedy Production Book {yellow})points out the importance of a possible Neural or Segment Therapy. This opens many possibilities, regardless of whether one wishes to apply only the blocking infiltration methods, acupuncture, or manual forms of therapy.

In diseases from the Endobiosis complex, and especially in cases of overweight, a diet rich in vitamins and vital substances, low in calories, giving concentrated nutrition, is of fundamental importance. It is a precondition, not only for the healing process, but also for the effectiveness of every isopathic and immunobiological treatment of endobiontic conditions. Nutritional intake requires special attention in cases of Endobiosis, including cancer. It should be lacto-vegetarian, rich in raw foods and devoid of superfine flour and sugar, as well as all addictive substances. With a vegetarian diet, attention must be given to include sufficient lactic acid food for the body.