Sulphurous Acid is made by dissolving sulphurous anhydride (So2) in water. The anhyride is made by burning sulphur. It is a colorless liquid, having the suffocating odor of burning sulphur, and a sour, astringent taste.

Medical Properties And Action

It is a deodorizer and disinfectant, and destructive to micro-organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, etc.

Owing to its affinity for oxygen it acts upon organic matter with great energy.

Therapeutic Uses

The diluted acid is locally applied to ulcers of the tonsils in diphtheria, syphilitic and tuberculous laryngitis, chilblains, parasitic skin diseases, ill-conditioned sloughing or gangrenous wounds; also used in pyrosis, indigestion, etc.

Also, in the form of inhalations of the sulphurous-acid gas, in cases of chronic bronchitis, etc. In the form of spray, it is used as a local application in diseases of air passages.


Of sulphurous acid, Dose 535 to properly diluted.

Dental Uses

Dilute sulphurous acid is efficacious in mercurial stomatitis, aphthae, and mucous patches, gangrene of the mouth, cancrum oris, ulcers of mucous membrane, and sloughing wounds. It is an efficient and convenient disinfectant.

For Chilblains. Bartholow.

Acidi sulphurosi . . Glycerini ....



Apply as a lotion.

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For Destroying Parasites in Skin Diseases.


Acidi sulphurosi, dil. .

Sodii hyposulphitis .

Aquae, q. s. ad. . . .


Apply as a lotion.

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For Aphtha.

Dr. Potter.

Acidi sulphurosi.................

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Mouth wash, or may be used as a spray.

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