Aphthae or Follicular Ulceration, common to childhood, is indicated by the mucous membrane becoming inflamed, and the formation of small, round, transparent vesicles on the fraenum, in the sulcus between the lips and gums, and on lower surface of tongue. On the bursting of the vesicles, small, spreading ulcers, with red and swollen margins, appear, which become coated with a layer of micro-organisms.


Demulcent applications, such as mucilage of gum acacia, or flaxseed. Mel-boracis or a solution of boric acid in glycerole, applied with a camel's-hair brush. In more obstinate cases touch the patches with a solution of nitrate of silver - gr. v to f. 5j of water. For constitutional symptoms, administer laxatives and the bromides, with warm foot bath.