Boric acid, formerly called Boracic Acid, is obtained artificially by decomposing a hot saturated solution of borax with sulphuric acid, which unites with the soda to form sulphate of soda, and liberates the acid. It is in the form of white, shining crystals, of a scaly nature. It is soluble in 26 parts of cold water, in three parts of warm water, and feebly soluble in alcohol.

Medical Properties And Action

Boric acid is antiseptic and deodorant. It destroys minute organisms, and arrests fermentation and putrefactive decomposition, and is said to be a more effective antiseptic than carbolic acid, and less irritating than salicylic acid.

Therapeutic Uses

It is locally employed as a dressing for wounds, ulcers, burns, scalds, skin-grafting, etc., as it is non-irritating, and lessens suppuration, and prevents decomposition. Boric acid is employed in all the forms and combinations in which carbolic and salicylic acids are used by the antiseptic method, in the form of a saturated solution.

Boric Lint is made by steeping lint in a saturated solution of boric acid at the boiling point.


Of boric acid, gr. viij to xvj. It does not cause any disturbance of the stomach, and is eliminated in the urine.

Boro-glyceride is composed of boric acid 62 parts, and glycerine 92 parts, each gently heated over a water bath and the boric acid gradually added to the glycerine, and the heat continued until 54 parts, or three molecules of water are driven off. It is amber-colored and very friable, and proves to be a valuable antiseptic.

Boro-glycerine has an acid, pungent taste, and an astringent effect on mucous membranes, and is free from some of the objections to the use of the boric acid powders. (See Glycerine for Glyceroborates of Sodium and Calcium.)

Boric Ointment is composed of boric acid, I part; paraffin, 2 parts ; almond oil, 2 parts. When used it should be mixed with a little glycerine.

Mel Sodii Boratis - Honey of Borax - is composed of borax, 60 grains; honey, 1 troy ounce.


Antiseptic and germicidal. Composed of aceto-boro-glyceride, formaldehyde, pinus pumilis, eucalyptus, myrrh, storax and benzoin. Employed externally and internally. Dose for internal use, Borolyptol 403Dental Uses. - Boric acid may be employed as an antiseptic in all the forms and combinations in which carbolic and salicylic acids are used, and when it is combined with sulphite of soda the compound forms a valuable preparation for bleaching discolored teeth. (See Sulphite of Soda.)

Boric acid in a ten per cent. solution, may be used with benefit in the form of an injection into suppurating cavities, necrosis and caries of bone, etc. As a mouth-wash and gargle it is employed in a solution composed of twenty grains to the ounce of water. Combined with glycerine in the form of boro-glyceride, a valuable application is secured for antiseptic dressings and injections. One part of boric acid in 130 of water is used as a germicide.

For the sterilization of mucous surfaces a saturated aqueous solution is commonly employed. Boric acid is also an ingredient of some dentifrices.

Borolyptol 404

For Alveolor Pyorrhoea.

Creta preparata . .

Acidi Borici . . . SlGna. - Apply this powder to gums about necks of teeth, after all deposits have been thoroughly removed, and aromatic sulphuric acid injected.

Borolyptol 405Borolyptol 406

For Chapped Lips and Abrasions.

Acidi borici .... 2 parts

Vaselin.....30 parts

Glycerini .... 3 parts Attar of roses, for perfume, a few drops, if used as a lip salve.

Antiseptic Mouth Wash.

Boric acid......


Water........Oj M.

Borolyptol 407Borolyptol 408Borolyptol 409

Mouth Wash.

Boro-glycerine .... Carbolic acid .... Water.......

Borolyptol 410Borolyptol 411

For Capping Exposed Pulps.

Acidi borici

White wax . . . aa 1 part Oil sweet almonds Paraffin......aa 2 parts M.

Borolyptol 412

For Aphthous Ulcerations of Mouth,

Fissured Tongue, Abrasions by

Artificial Dentures, etc.

Dr. C. N. Peirce.

Acidi borici .... grs.lxiv

Olei gaultheriae . . .



Aquae enough to make 4 ounces. M.

Temporary Capping for Exposed


Dr. H. Milling. Boric acid

White wax.....aa 1 part

Oil of sweet almonds

Paraffin......aa 2 parts

Antiseptic Solution.


Acidi borici.....grs.76

Acidi salicyli .... grs.xvj Aquae ferventis . . . Oj. M. Antiseptic-Mouth Wash.

Boric acid.....

Phenic acid .... grs.xv


Essence peppermint . gtt.xx

Tinct. anise ....

Water.......Oij M.

Borolyptol 413Borolyptol 414Borolyptol 415Borolyptol 416Borolyptol 417Borolyptol 418Borolyptol 419

For Eczema, etc.

Acidi boraci .... grs.viij Aquae destillatae . . Sig.- Use as a lotion.

Borolyptol 420