Na2B4O7 + 10H2O.


Borax is a native salt, but can be obtained artificially by boiling together native boracic acid (found in Italy), and carbonate of soda. California furnishes the borax used in this country. It is in the form of colorless crystals, which effloresce somewhat in dry air, and are freely soluble in water and glycerine, but insoluble in alcohol, with an alkaline reaction, and a sweetish alkaline taste. It dissolves fibrine, albumen, casein and uric acid.

Medical Properties And Action

Borax is refrigerant, diuretic, detergent, antacid and emmenagogue, and has been employed as a solvent for calculi. It resembles in its action carbonate of soda, and by its mild alkaline qualities it improves the condition of the skin and mucous membranes. In excessive or large repeated doses it is injurious, causing nausea and vomiting, and a scorbutic condition of the body.

Therapeutic Uses

Borax is internally administered in infantile diarrhoea, in the form of an enema; also, as a solvent for calculi, and in dropsy, etc., but its chief use is as an external application. Externally it is applied as a detergent in cutaneous affections, ulcerations, pityriasis, to remove freckles, to allay itching, etc., etc.


Of borate of sodium, gr. ij to Dose 1422

Glycerite of Borate of Sodium - Glyceritum Sodii Boratis - Glvcerinum Boracis - is composed of borax, Dose 1423 ; glycerine, Oss, and is a useful application to the mouth and throat.

Honey of Borate of Sodium-Mel Sodii Boratis-Mel

Boracis - is composed of borax, Dose 1424 ; clarified honey, and is also useful as a detergent application to the mouth and throat.


Boricine is a combination of equal parts of borax and boracic acid, forming a tetraborate of sodium, which is neither toxic, caustic nor irritant. It has no odor, and gives a saturated solution at 16 per cent. Mr. Emile Denis recommends boricine as a disinfectant of root canals, abscess of antrum, and diseased mucous membrane.

Dental Uses

Borax, mixed with sugar or honey, is a very useful application for aphthae and other ulcerations of the mouth, for which it may be mixed with sugar in the proportion of one part to seven, or in the form of mel boracis. In mercurial stomatitis, an aqueous solution of borax, or the mel boracis, forms an efficient gargle. Borax is also a useful application in fissured or cracked tongue. Borax is also added to sage and balm teas, to form gargles.

In the dental laboratory, borax is employed as a flux in melting metals, such as gold and silver, and in the process of soldering metals. It is also employed to harden plaster casts or models, the model being well dried and then immersed for a few minutes in a solution of borax in boiling water, which renders it, when cool, hard and durable. (Solutions of carbonate of soda and alum are used for the same purpose.) Dr. J. L. Williams considers borax a valuable application to the teeth of pregnant women to counteract acidity of the fluids of the mouth. He recommends the use of the powder applied to the teeth and allowed to remain half a minute or so, and then brushed off bv a whirling motion of the brush, not with a horizontal movement. Also useful to sterilize instruments.

Impression trays may be perfectly cleaned, after using modeling composition, by boiling in sal-soda water.

Dental Formulae

A Mild, Detergent Gargle.

Sodii boratis ....


For Aphthous Ulcerations, Parasitic Formations, and Diphlheretic Conditions.

Sodii boratis ....

Syrupi aurantii . . .

Aquae destiliatae . .


To be applied as a lotion or mouth wash, stimulant and antiseptic.

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For Aphthous Ulcerations, etc., etc. Sodii sulphitis .... Glycerini......


To be used as a lotion or mouth wash.

Signa 1430Signa 1431

For Fissured or Cracked Tongue.

Sodii boratis .... Glycerini.....

To be used as a lotion or gargle.

Signa 1432Signa 1433

For Fissured Tongue. J. W. White.

Sodii boratis .... gr.xl


Aquae destiliatae . . To be used as a gargle.

A Detergent Alkaline Gargle.

Sodii boratis .... Glycerini,

Tincturae myrrhae aa Aquae destiliatae . .

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Dr. Potter.


Aquae camphorae .... .........

Mucil. cydonii...............

Aquae destiliatae.............

Fiat collyrium. Sigma. - Eye-water: A few drops put into the eye 3 or 4 times daily.

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