2NaC7H5O3 + H2O.


Salicylate of Sodium is prepared by the addition of salicylic acid to a solution of bicarbonate of sodium ; when the latter is in excess the solution is brownish or purplish in color, and has a strong odor of wintergreen. The formula is as follows:

Derivation 1440

Acidi salicylici, Derivation 1441 ; sodii bicarb., ; aquae, M.


A teaspoonful, every 2, 3 or 4 hours.

Dental Uses

Employed as an internal remedy for odontalgia, periodontitis and the pain of carious dentine, affording temporary relief for several days. Dr. Thomas recommends doses of ten grains every half hour for the relief of odontalgia.

For Aphthous Stomatitis.

Salicylate of soda............20 parts

Distilled water.............100 parts dissolve.


Paint the inflamed parts five or six times a day, particularly after meals. The mouth should previously be well rinsed out with tepid water.

Signa 1444