"Giddiness, vomiting and deep sleep, from which the patient could be roused with difficulty. The somnolence was interrupted by periods of excitement, each lasting several hours, and was followed by delirium, intense headache, sense of impending death, spasmodic contractions of the facial muscles, and in the case of the younger patient, diplopia. The functions of the other sensory organs were not disturbed, and the pupils presented a normal reaction. Deep inspirations alternated with apnoea of about a minute's duration. After five or six days, the toxic symptoms gradually lessened and passed away."

Iodoform has been used for odontalgia, on account of its gently caustic and anodyne reaction on exposed pulps of teeth. Combined with arsenious acid and creasote in a devitalizing mixture, iodoform lessens the pain caused by the arsenical paste. Dr. James Truman was the first to suggest the use of iodoform in combination with arsenious oxide.

M. Rummo, of the Academy of Science, regards iodoform as exerting an anaesthetic action when applied to wounds, but without the power to destroy germs in putrescent matter, although it prevents their development. M. Sauvat says that iodoform, when applied to wounds, reduces effusion and favors cicatrization, and exerts an anaesthetic action; but if carelessly used it may cause erythema or even erysipelas. Iodoform in powder is now a popular dressing for wounds. Iodoform is more easily dissolved in alcohol and ether if there is camphor already dissolved in them; as an example: alcohol will dissolve only 1 1/4 per cent. of iodoform, while a saturated solution of camphor will dissolve 10 per cent. The spirits of turpentine will remove the odor of iodoform from the hands.

Dental Formulae

New Methods for Deodorizing Iodoform.


Carbolic acid . . . I part

Iodoform.....2 parts.

Powder and mix well. No change appears to take place in the iodoform, but the odor is masked by that of carbolic acid.


Iodoform . ... 100 parts Oil of peppermint 5 parts

Oil of neroli .... 1 part Oil of lemon .... 2 parts Tinct. benzoin . . 2 parts

Acetic acid .... 1 part.

Powder the iodoform, and mix thoroughly with the other ingredients. Transfer to a well-stopped flask, and keep at a temperature of from 1200 F. to 1400 F., over a water bath, for 2 days. The mixture has a pleasant odor of Eau de cologne.


Camphor.....5 parts

Charcoal . . . . 10 parts

Iodoform.....15 parts.

Powder and mix intimately. 28

For Pulpless Teeth.


Acidi tannici . . . gr.iij

Glycerini.....gtt.xv. M.


Apply on floss-silk, or by syringe.


Rub iodoform to fine powder, in a mortar, and add the tannin, and after mixing thoroughly, add the glycerin. One drop of oil of cinnamon will disguise the odor.

Preparation 1096

For Devitalizing Pulps of Teeth.


Acidi arsenios . . .gr.x Creasoti......q.s. M.

To make a paste. Signa. - Apply on cotton, or on point of a broach.

Preparation 1097

For Putrid Pulps.

A. P. Johnson.

Iodoformi .... gr. 1/25 Camphorae ....


Mix by dissolving the camphor in

Preparation 1098Preparation 1099

the alcohol, and then add the iodoform. Signa. - Use as an injection.

As a capping for an exposed pulp, it is suggested to dissolve the fillings of celluloid in the above mixture and form a thick paste.

For Odontalgia. Schaff. Pulv. iodoformi . . gr.lx


Acidi carbolici . . . gr.viij


Olei menthae piperit. gtt.x Triturate the iodoform, kaolin, and oil of peppermint, with enough glycerine to form a thick paste. Signa. - Apply to exposed surface of pulp.

Preparation 1100

For Pulpless Teeth with a Fistulous Dr. Opening.

Faught. Iodoformi .... Acidi tannici . . . Glycerini .... Morphinse acetat. Signa. - Apply on floss-silk.

Preparation 1101Preparation 1102

For Neuralgia and Tumors of the Gums. Iodoformi .... gr.xv Bals. Peru . . . gr.xxx Glycerini vel vaselin q. s. M.

To make a solution or ointment.

Preparation 1103


To be applied as a solutio n or, if the vaseline is used, as an ointment.

For Pulpitis, as a Capping.

Paschkis. Iodoform pulv., Kaolin pulv. . . . aa gr.lx Acidi carbolici (cryst.) gr.viij. Mix, and add sufficient glycerine to form a paste, then add: -

01. menth. pip. . . gtt.x. Signa. - Apply on point of broach over inflamed portion.

Signa 1104

For Tumors, Enlarged Glands, etc.

Iodoformi .... part j

Collodii.....part x. M.


To be applied as a lotion.

Signa 1105

For Pulpless Teeth - Canal-Dressing.

Dr. Peirce.

Iodoformi, Olei caryophilli, Olei eucalypti . . .aa Signa. - Apply by injection or on floss-silk.

Signa 1106Signa 1107

For an Ointment of Iodoform and Eucalyptus. Pulv. Iodoformi . Olei eucalypti . . . Vaselin .... Signa. - To be used as an ointment.

Signa 1108Signa 1109

Tetra-iodo-ethylene-Di-odoform is a substitute for iodoform, which it resembles in chemical composition, and contains the largest percentage of iodine next to iodoform. Its formula is C2I4, and it is regarded as a condensation product of two molecules of iodoform, 2Chi3 - 2HI = C2I4. It is prepared from acetylene di-iodide, C2I2, by dissolving in carbon-bisulphide, adding the equivalent of iodine and evaporating. This residue is insoluble in water, but can be recrystallized out of bisulphide, chloroform, benzene, or toluene in the form of yellow prisms melted at 1920 C. It is unattacked by boiling nitric acid, but decomposed by alcoholic potash. It is free from the odor of iodoform.