Iodol is obtained by the action of iodine on certain constituents of animal oil. It is in the form of a grayish-white powder, which becomes dark on exposure to light.

It is odorless and has little taste, and contains 90 per cent. of iodine. It is quite soluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform, carbolic acid, olive oil and alkaline solutions, but insoluble in water; combination with an equal part of glycerine does not affect its properties.

Medical Properties And Therapeutic Uses

Iodol is antiseptic, deodorant and anaesthetic. It is an efficient germicide without poisonous effects, and is free from the disagreeable odor and taste of iodoform. Its physiological action and therapeutic uses are the same as those of iodoform. When applied to an abraded or wounded surface, it can soon be detected in the urine and saliva; also the same effects are apparent when it is administered by the stomach.

Its action is slower than that of iodide of potassium, but more prolonged, and its elimination is slower. It has a slight caustic action, but a larger quantity can be used when it is substituted for iodoform; no quantity applied to a wound will cause toxic symptoms.

It is used on wounds, ulcers, etc., in the form of an impalpable powder, which is dusted on the part. It is also employed in the form of an ethereal solution, and also in solution with alcohol and glycerine; also in the forms of iodol cotton and gauze, pastils, bougies and ointments. It improves morbid conditions, and can be advantageously substituted for iodoform. It has been administered with good results in the treatment of laryngeal tuberculosis by insufflation of the powder; and the loss of appetite, so common as a result of the use of iodoform, does not occur, ulcers become rapidly clean and the tendency to form scars is scarcely observed.

Iodol is also employed internally, in the form of pills of 3 grains in the treatment of substernal struma. In the treatment of syphilitic ulcers, round ulcers, suppurating buboes, and after opening the pustules of acne, it has also given favorable results, as it lessens the secretion, possesses great disinfectant power and is non-irritating.


For internal administrations, gr. 1/4 to gr. v, in wafer, pill, or pellet, or in powder.

Dental Uses

Same as those of Iodoform (which see).

Dental Formulae

For a Topical Application.


Iodol ...... I part

Alcoholis ...... 16 parts

Glycerini.....34 parts


Apply with a camel's-hair brush or in the form of a spray.

Signa 1110

Dental Varnish.

Saturated solution of iodol in alcohol . . . 1 part

Hubbard's negative varnish .....6 parts. M.

A good, quick drying varnish.

Signa 1111

For Root-Canals of Abscessed Teeth.

Van Wort.


Signa 1112

Vaseline carbol. q. s. to form a thick paste. M.


Place in canal and seal with an oxyphosphate filling.

For a Topical Application.

Evaporating quickly.

Iodol.....I part

AEther. sulph. . 8 parts. M.

Signa 1113

For Abrasions of Lips and Nostrils.


Acidi carbolici . Lanolin .... 01. rosae . . .

Signa 1114Signa 1115