Antikamnia (non official) is composed of acetan-ilid, bicarbonate of soda, and citrate of caffeine, so combined, it is claimed, as to obviate the bad effects caused by many of other organic bodies when administered alone. It is in the form of a white powder with a pungent taste.

Medical Properties, Physiological Action, And Therapeutic Uses

Antikamnia is an antipyretic, analgesic and anodyne, and causes a quieting influence upon the nervous system, inducing and promoting sleep. It is employed in neuralgia, myalgia, sciatica, acute rheumatism, hemicrania, typhoid fever; also headache and other neuroses due to irregularities of menstruation; also in asthma, hay fever, influenza, la grippe and allied affections.


Grs. v to grs. x, every three or four hours.

Dental Uses

For the relief of nervous irritation, and also neuralgic pain, following dental operations, and the pain due to dental diseases, ten grains of antikamnia will prove serviceable; also in the odontalgia of pregnancy, reflex neuroses, etc. As a local application for pain of an exposed pulp, periodontitis, alveolar pyorrhoea, etc., a five grain tablet may be finely powdered, and rubbed about the affected part; also for the pain following the extraction of teeth it proves serviceable.

To Prevent the Disturbance of the Nervous System which Accompanies the Administration of Quinine.

Antikamnia .... Sulphate of Quinine . Make xii capsules, 1 every 2 or 4 hours as may be indicated.

Dental Uses 661Dental Uses 662

Analgesic and Anodyne.

Antikamnia .... Spts. Vin. Gall . . . Syr. Aurantii Flor. aa


Tablespoonful every 3 or 4 hours.

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Anodoyne and Analgesic.

Antikainnia . . . Quinia sulph.....

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Pulv. Doveri .... grs. viii

Soda bicarb.....grs. xij.

Ft. viij capsules. Dose. - One capsule every 4 hours.