The flowers of the Anthemis Nobilis. A German variety is known as Matricaria, which is similar to Anthemis in its effects. The herb chamomile has a fragrant odor and a bitter, aromatic taste. A volatile acid is obtained from the flowers, which is similar, if not identical, with valerianic acid.

Medical Properties And Therapeutic Uses

Chamomile is a mild tonic in small doses, but in large doses may act as an emetic. It is used in the form of a cold infusion in enfeebled digestion, flatulent colic and infantile disorders connected with digestive derangement. It is also employed in the form of infusions prepared with hot water and vinegar, for the relief of pain of boils, abscesses, etc. When employed for the relief of odontalgia in the form of fomentations to the face, there is danger of the abscess pointing externally; it is also applied to flabby, ill-conditioned ulcers as a gentle excitant. The tepid infusion will promote the operation of emetics.


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It is generally employed in the form of infusion.