Lime is obtained by calcining limestone or chalk, until the carbonic acid is driven off. Lime is more soluble in cold than in hot water, and a compound of lime and sugar is more soluble in water than pure lime alone. Calcium is the metallic base of lime.

Medical Properties And Action

Quicklime is a powerful escha-rotic and irritant.

Liquor Calcis - Lime Water

It is prepared by adding cold water to freshly slacked lime, and the clear fluid poured off.

The officinal preparation consists of forty troy ounces of saturated solution of lime in eight pints of distilled water. It is a colorless, inodorous liquid, possessing a disagreeable alkaline taste.

Exposure to the air causes it to gradually absorb carbonic acid, with the formation of insoluble carbonate of lime, and it should therefore be preserved in glass-stoppered bottles. The addition of liquorice or coriander seed will disguise its taste.

Medical Properties And Action

Lime water is antacid, astringent, antiseptic and detergent. It is applicable to all cases where antacids are indicated, and where an astringent effect is not objectionable.

Therapeutic Uses

Lime water is an excellent remedy in gastric irritation, accompanied with nausea and vomiting; also in dyspepsia, attended with vomiting of food; also in diarrhoea, after the inflammatory action has been relieved; also in glandular affections, as an alterative resolvent. Externally, as a wash for foul ulcers, diseases of the skin, and as an injection in gleet and leucorrhoea. Atomized inhalations have been found useful in diphtheria and membranous croup.


Of lime water, Dose 732 to or iv, several times a day.

It may be mixed with an equal quantity of milk for internal use.

Lime Liniment - Linimentum Calcis (lime water Dose 734 flaxseed oil - is a valuable application to burns, scalds and in smallpox.

Dental Uses

In dental practice lime water is a useful agent in the form of a gargle, where the secretions of the mouth are viscid and fetid, and especially where the teeth are soft in structure and exceedingly sensitive, owing to the condition of the oral fluids, and especially in acrid mucous secretions, which act readily on teeth deficient in earthy constituents. For young patients, the use of lime water is very beneficial to the teeth, owing to an acid condition of the oral fluids, common to an early period of life. It is also useful where the teeth are very sensitive, on account of the recession of the gum and absorption of the process.

When lime water is applied to inflamed mucous membrane, or to suppurating surfaces, it arrests secretion. It is also useful in sickness and irritability of the stomach during dentition; also to relieve the superficial ulceration of the mucous membrane of the mouth, caused by the acid eructations attending dyspepsia, in the proportion of one part of lime water to two or three of milk.

Syrup Of The Lacto-Phosphate Of Lime

Syrupus Calcii Lacto-phosphatis - is composed of precipitated phosphate of calcium, 22 parts; lactic acid, 33 parts; orange-flower water, 80 parts; sugar, 600 parts; hydrochloric acid, water of ammonia and water, each, a sufficient quantity.

Dose. Syrup Of The Lacto Phosphate Of Lime 736 to

This syrup is especially useful in rickets, mollities ossium, delayed union of fractures, caries and necrosis in bone, anemia of nursing mothers, mammary abscesses or boils, carbuncles, chronic bronchitis, leucorrhoea, early decay in the teeth in children, etc.