Prepared chalk is obtained by freeing chalk from such impurities as gritty and flinty substances and soluble saline matter, by elutriation, and afterward drying it. It is the only form in which chalk is used medicinally.

Medical Properties And Action

Prepared chalk is antacid, absorbent and astringent. It diminishes the secretion of the mucous membrane, and at the same time acts as an antacid in correcting any acidity present. When internally administered for a considerable time, like magnesia, it accumulates in the bowels and forms intestinal concretions; hence an occasional aperient is necessary.

Therapeutic Uses

Prepared chalk is an excellent antacid in diarrhoea from acidity, in acidity attending dyspepsia and gout, chronic bronchitis in advanced stages, rachitis, etc. Externally, it is employed in the treatment of ulcers, burns, excoriations and skin diseases. It moderately stimulates ulcers and absorbs the discharge, thus preventing them from spreading.

It is an antidote for poisoning by oxalic and most of the vegetable and mineral acids.


Of prepared chalk, gr. v to Dose 965 in powder or suspended in water by the aid of mucilage and sugar.

Chalk Mixture - Mistura Creta - (prepared chalk, Dose 966 acacia, gr. cxx ; water, ) is often combined with opiates and astringents, such as laudanum and tincture of kino or of catechu, in the treatment of diarrhoea. Dose, to

Dental Uses

Prepared chalk is used in dental practice chiefly for its antacid property, and generally as an ingredient of dentifrices ; it is also employed in the form of powder as an antacid in acidity of the oral fluids, for which purpose it is rubbed between the teeth and permitted to remain during the night; it is also employed to obtund the sensitiveness of dentine, on account of its absorbent and antacid properties; for such a purpose it should be applied repeatedly, for several days, to the sensitive surface. In the dental laboratory it is used as a polishing powder for metal and plastic work; also for polishing the surfaces of gold fillings. The precipitated chalk of the Pharmacopoeia is the preparation to be preferred on account of its freedom from gritty particles.

Dental Formulae

Dentifrice in the form of Troches.

Cretae praeparatae . . Sodii boratis (pulv.) . Saponis Castil " Sacch. albae " Ossis sepiae "

Olei rosae.....


Essentiae jasmin . . Mix with a solution of gum syrup.

Dental Formulae 970Dental Formulae 971

Dentifrice in the form of Camphorated Paste.

Keller Medicine Co.

Pts. by Wt.

Magnes. carb..... 2


Potas. chlorat. ... 3 Tr. camphora . . . 1 01. gaultheriae . . . q.s. Cretae praep.....q.s.

To make desired number of parts. Syr. simplic.....q.s. M.

To make a thick paste.

Dental Formulae 972


Am. Dent. Association.

Cretae praeparatae . . Pulv. cinchonae . . . Pulv. radicis iridis . Pulv. sacchari albi . Pulv. saponis cas. . .

Sodi carb......

Olei sassafras ....

Dental Formulae 973Dental Formulae 974


Am. Dent. Association.

Cretae praep.....

Pulv. Cinchonae . . . Pulv. radicis iridis . Pulv. sacchari albi Pulv. saponis cas.

Sodii carb......



And form into a paste.

Dental Formulae 975Dental Formulae 976


Pulv. radicis iridis . . Cretae praeparatae . .

Sodii carb......

Pulv. cinchonae . . . Pulv. sacchari albi . . Pulv. myrrhae . . . Pulv. ossis sepiae . . Otto rosae . . With rose pink, q. s. to color.

Dental Formulae 977Dental Formulae 978

Dentifrice in the form of Glycerine Tablets.

Keller Medicine Co.

Pts. by Wt.

Solut. magnes. carb. . 2

" sodii bicarb. . 1

" potas. chlorat. . 3

" sapo. cas. albi . 6

Glycerini..... 1

Cal. carb...... 10

01. gaultheria,

Cassiae....... aa q. s. M.

To flavor.

Dental Formulae 979


Cretae praep.....

Pulv. radicis iridis . Pulv. sacchari albi

Pulv. cinnamon . . .

Pulv. saponis cas. . .

Pulv. myrrhae . . .

01. gaultheriae . . .

Dental Formulae 980Dental Formulae 981

Dentifrice. Dr. A. W. Harlan. Cretae praeparatae, Pulv. radicis iridis . . Pulv. saponis cas., Pulv. sodii biboratis . Pulv. myrrhae . . . Mellis et glycerini To make a soft paste.

Color rose pink. Perfume to suit.

Dental Formulae 982Dental Formulae 983


Dr. Chapin A. Harris.

Cretae praeparatae . . Pulv. radicis iridis . . Pulv. cinnamon . . . Sodii carbonatis exsiccatae......

Pulv. sacchari albi Olei limonis ....

Olei rosae.....


Ingredients to be thoroughly pulverized and well mixed.

Signa 984Signa 985


Cretae praeparatae . Pulv. sodi boratis, Pulv. radicis iridis . Semen cardamom Pulv. sacchari albi Otto rosae .... To flavor.

Signa 986Signa 987


Dr. W. D. Miller.

Precipitated carbonate of calcium .... Cinchona bark . . . Prepared oyster shell. Powd. myrrh .... " cloves .... Oil of cinnamon . . . Mix well.

Signa 988Signa 989

Dentifrice in the form of a Paste for Compressible Tubes.

Keller Medicine Co.

Pts. by Wt. Magnes carbonat. . . 2 Sodii bicarb. . . .3 Potas. chlorat. ... 5 Calcii carbonat. . . 20 Sapo. cas. pulv. ... 6


Olei gaultheriae,

Olei limonis . . . aa q. s.

Syr. simplic.....q. s.


To make a paste.

Signa 990

For Fetor of Breath.