Airol is a Gallate of Bismuth Iodide. It is in the form of a grayish-green powder.

Medical Properties And Physiological Action

The iodine is so combined in this preparation as to render it an extremely active antiseptic, and deodorizer and no irritating or toxic effects ensue from its too rapid liberation.

Therapeutic Uses

Locally applied it is an efficient antiseptic and deodorizer in ulcerative and suppurative conditions.

Dental Uses

Airol is employed in the treatment of devitalized teeth, putrid conditions of the pulp, its application in the form of the dry powder causing a dessicative action as well as antiseptic. It is also serviceable in chronic inflammation of pulps of teeth, acting somewhat like pepsin.

It should be confined in the tooth-cavity by a gutta percha filling, and retained for one or two days, when the pulp will present a dry, aseptic appearance.