Formed by the combination of two parts of chloral hydrate and one part of formamide.

Medical Properties And Action

Chloralamid has been used with good results in hysteria, chorea, acute mania, monomania, typhoid fever, senility, neurasthenia, insomnia, phthisis and diseases not attended by much pain. Mupfenbach, from a number of trials, regards it as a useful hypnotic, but with the disadvantage that its certainty of action can never be relied upon. No bad effects upon the circulation or in the feelings of the patient have been observed by Reichmann, although vomiting may occur. According to Langaard, this drug produced a decided reduction of blood-pressure, which is developed more gradually and is later in making its appearance than that caused by chloral. Compared with chloral, chloralamid is more agreeable to the taste, and more easily administered, rarely causes digestive disorders, does not depress the heart or the circulation, seldom produces cerebral disturbances. Compared with sulphonal, it is more prompt in its action, more soluble, more easily administered, the sleep it produces always passes away by morning, and it is less expensive. The action of chloralamid upon digestion is as follows:

1. Large quantities retarded the digestion of fibrin in the ratio of the quantity employed.

2. Small quantities, for example, up to o.02 gramme, did not have any marked influence either in accelerating or in delaying the digestion of fibrin.

3. Putrefaction was not retarded by either large or small quantities.

Therapeutic Uses

The most important uses of chloralamid are in diseases of the nervous system not attended by much pain, such as have before been enumerated.


Of chloralamid, gr. 30 to 45. In doses of twenty to thirty grains it produces better effects than sulphonal, but caution in the use of this drug is necessary in diseases of the heart, on account of its causing decided reduction of blood-pressure.

Dental Formula

For Use as a Hypnotic.


Spts. vini gallici.................

Curacao ....................


A tablespoonful (30 grains chloralamid) in water and repeated in 4 hours if necessary.

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