Dental Formulae

To Make a Solution of Hydrochlorate of Cocaine. (4 per cent.)

Cocaini hydrochloratis

(cryst.) 18.228

Aquae destillatae . . .

Dental Formulae 883Dental Formulae 884

For Painless Extraction as a Local Anaesthetic.

Dr. Clyde Paine.



Nitro glycerine . . .

Atropia sulph.....

Carbolic acid .... Distilled water to make SlGna. - By injection hypodermically.

Dental Formulae 885Dental Formulae 886

For Exposed Pulps,

Cocaini hydrochloratis


Spiritus menthae pip. . SlGna. - Apply on a pledget of cotton.

Dental Formulae 887Dental Formulae 888

For Local Anaesthesia. Dr. H. J. McKellops. Mur. cocaini .... gr.iss Spts. alcoholis .... Chloroformi.....

Dental Formulae 889Dental Formulae 890

For Neuralgia and Odontalgia.

Cocaini hydrochloratis


Alcoholis q. s. ad. . .

Dental Formulae 891Dental Formulae 892


Apply as a lotion, or on a pledget of cotton.

Chloroform or bromide of ethyl may be substituted for the alcohol.

To Make Oleate of Cocaine. (5 per cent.)

Cocaini (alkaloid) . . Acidi oleic (pure) . . Olei amygdalae . . . Dissolve the alkaloid in the oleic acid and add the almond oil.

Signa 893Signa 894

For Pain of Difficult Dentition. M. Viquier. Cocaini hydrochloratis gr.ij

Syrup simp......

Tinct. saffron .... gtt.x. M. Signa. - Rub the painful gums frequently during the day.

Signa 895Signa 896

For Local Anaesthesia. Dr. J. M. Lewis. Cocaini hydrochloratis grs.viii Chloralis hydrat. . . . gr.v Acidi carbolici . . . gtt.iij

Aquae destil.....


Inject 2 or 3 drops into the gum at one time.

Signa 897Signa 898

For Hypersensitive Dentine. Cocaini hydrochloratis


Tragacanth, glyceritum q.s. Form a mass. Signa. - Insert a minute portion in cavity half an hour before operating.

Signa 899

For Neuralgia and Odontalgia. Cocaini hydrochloratis


Olei caryophylli . . . Signa. - Apply as a lotion, or on a pledget of cotton.

Local Anaesthetic.

Cocaini hydrate (4 per cent. solution) . . . Carbolic acid .... gtt.v Chloral hydrate . . . gr.v. M.

Signa 900Signa 901Signa 902Signa 903


Use hypodermically around tooth with care.

Local Anaesthetic for Extraction of Teeth. Dr. J. W. Hope. Cocaini hydrochloratis ........5 parts

Acidi carbolici .... 6 parts Camphorae (pine gum) 6 parts Alcoholis (95 per cent.) q. s. to make 120 parts M. Signa. - Inject with a hypodermic syringe 1 to 3 minims deeply into inner and outer surfaces of gum. Apply over the gum absorbent cotton saturated with the solution. Wait 4 or 5 minutes.

Signa 904

Local Anaesthetic for Gums and Sensitive Dentine.

Dr. Martin. 3/4 vj

Aq. destil......

Prof. J. E. Michael suggests 2 grains of acetanilid as a substitute for the antipyrin.

Signa 905Signa 906

For Stomatitis and Difficult Teething of Children.