C17H19No3, Hc1 + 3H2O.


Hydrochlorate or Muriate of Morphine is obtained by macerating opium in distilled water, evaporating to a small quantity, and adding chloride of lime, and concentrating the solution until it becomes solid when cool, after which it is pressed, washed with distilled water, again evaporated, cooled and pressed, and again dissolved in distilled water, when it is subjected to animal charcoal, to remove the coloring matter, filtered and precipitated by ammonia, the codeia of the opium remaining in solution. The crystals resulting are then dissolved in muriatic acid, and the morphine allowed to crystallize into hydrochlorate or muriate of morphine. It is in the form of snow-white, feathery, flexible and acicular crystals of a bitter taste and silky lustre, and altogether soluble in water and alcohol.