Croton-chloral Hydrate is obtained by the action of chlorine gas upon aldehyde. It is in the form of small, brilliant, white, silvery crystals of a sweetish taste, like that of melons. It is slightly soluble in water, and resembles hydrate of chloral in its hypnotic effects; but its action in this respect is not so powerful, nor so certain. It differs from hydrate of chloral in the singular property of causing anaesthesia of the head. To relieve pain and induce sleep, the best effects are obtained from a combination of the two agents.

Medical Properties And Action

It is a sedative, hypnotic and anaesthetic. It resembles chloral hydrate, but is not so certain in its effects as a hypnotic. Its action commences in the head and face.

Therapeutic Uses

Croton-chloral hydrate is highly recommended in dysmenorrhoea, sciatica, chronic cough, and in neuralgia as an anodyne. One or two grains will relieve severe neuralgia of the fifth pair of nerves; it is frequently necessary, however, to administer from five to fifteen grains, but it is not safe to exceed this amount at one time. Croton chloral in five or ten grain doses, in pill form, administered three times a day, often relieves facial neuralgia. The dose should be diminished after two or three days to five grains or less as occasion demands.


Of croton-chloral hydrate, gr. v to gr. x; as an anaesthetic, gr. xv, dissolved in warm water.

Dental Uses

It is employed with effect in facial neuralgia, in doses of from two to five grains every hour or two, until fifteen grains have been taken; also as a sedative, in doses of from three to five grains, in periodontitis, pulpitis, etc., etc.

Dental Formulae

For Neuralgic Odontalgia.

Von Kirchbauer. Croton chloral . . . Glycerini .....

Aquae destill.....

Syr. aurantii .... Oleum faeniculae . . . gtt.vj. M. Signa. - A tablespoonful, and if pain continues severe, repeat the dose in an hour.

Dental Formulae 1008Dental Formulae 1009

For Neuralgia.

Dr. Glassington.

Hydrate of butyl-chloral gr.v Syrup of Tolu .... Spirit of chloroform . .



Dose to be repeated in one hour if relief is not obtained.

Signa 1010Signa 1011