CuSo4 + 3H2O.


Sulphate of copper is obtained by roasting the native sulphuret, or by the combination of oxide of copper and sulphuric acid, filtering and crystallizing. It is in the form of blue prismatic crystals which, after exposure to the air, effloresce to a slight degree, and become covered with a greenish-white powder. It has an astringent, metallic taste.

Medical Properties And Action

Sulphate of Copper is emetic, tonic, nervine, stimulant and astringent, and is quite soluble in water, but insoluble in alcohol. It is a prompt and efficient emetic, the emesis commencing a few minutes after it reaches the stomach, and the copper comes up with the vomited matter. Little or no depression follows its administration as an emetic, and it is especially adapted to cases of narcotic poisoning.

Therapeutic Uses

Sulphate of Copper is employed as a prompt and efficient emetic in cases of poisoning; it is also administered in intermittent fever, neuralgia, diarrhoea, dysentery, croup, epilepsy, hysteria, etc., etc. Externally it is applied in ulcerative and gangrenous affections, superficial hemorrhage, leucorrhoea, gonorrhoea, ringworm, purulent ophthalmia, mucous discharges, diseases of the skin, indolent ulcers, fungous granulations, warts, etc.


Of sulphate of copper as an emetic, gr. iij to gr. v; or dissolve 20 grains in two ounces of distilled water and give a tablespoonful every 15 minutes until vomiting occurs. For internal use other than emetic the dose is gr. 1/6 to gr. ss in pill.

Dental Uses

Sulphate of copper is employed in dental practice, in the form of the ammoniacal solution, for long-standing cases of neuralgia; and externally it is applied to ulcers of the mouth, cancrum oris, aphthous ulceration, ulceration of the gums and mucous membrane of the mouth, hemorrhage from leech bites, fungous growths of the gums, etc., etc.

Dr. J. G. Templeton recommends powdered sulphate of copper, for suppurating teeth, applying it on a stick of wood which is wet and dipped in the powder, and thus can be thoroughly applied to the diseased parts; the mouth is then rinsed with tinct. of gaultheria or tinct. of krameria.

Dental Formulae

For Cancrum Oris, Aphtha and Gangrenous Affections of the Mouth.

Cupri sulph. (powdered) . . . . gr. v



Apply as a lotion, or by means of a camel's-hair brush.

Signa 1012Signa 1013

For Gangrenous Ulcers of the Mouth and Cancrum Oris.

Cupri sulph. . . . Pulv. cinchonae . .



Brush over ulcerated surface twice daily.

Signa 1014Signa 1015

For Ulcerative Stomatitis. Cupri sulph. . Pulv. cinchonae . , Pulv. gum acacias ,




Apply, by means of a camel's-hair brush, to the ulcerated surface.

Signa 1016Signa 1017

For Caries of the Maxillary Bones. Bartholow. Cupri sulph.,

Zinci chloridi . . . aa partes xv Liquor plumbi . . partes xxx Aquae destillatae . . partes cc. Signa. - To be applied for 30 minutes at a time.

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