Enzymol is a purified solution of the proteolytic enzyme for external application, and is obtained by a direct solution from the stomach glands in a sterilized menstruum, being practically an artificial gastric juice, active and acid when diluted with water. It has an agreeable odor and flavor.

The action of the proteolytic ferment is not confined to purely alimentary substances, but is capable of dissolving albuminous matter in the various forms occurring in false fibrinous membrane, in diseased and sloughing tissues, blood coagula, etc.

Medical Properties And Action

Enzymol is a physiological solvent, antiseptic, deodorizer and healing agent. It is effective in all situations where it can be brought and held in contact with septic matter. It dissolves by digestion, sloughs, granulations and detritus, without attacking the normal parts. It converts pus, necrosed bone, blood coagula, muco-pus, etc., into solution by simple hydration, the septic matter being readily discharged or removed by irrigation. It also destroys offensive odors, and possesses healing and curative effects. For general use it should be diluted with an equal volume of water. In treating necrosed bone, it should first be applied undiluted, in order to quickly and effectively dissolve the calcareous matter, after which the diluted form is applied. In cavities it may be applied by spray, compress, or by injection, or on sterilized cotton or wool moistened with it.

Dental Uses

It is employed in alveolar abscess, alveolar pyorrhoea, disease of the antrum, ulceration of the gums, fractured bones of the jaws, etc.