Hypertrophy of the Gums is indicated by an increase of their substance to such a degree as to cause them to overhang and cover the greater portion of the crowns of the teeth; tendency to hemorrhage; gums dark and livid; fetor of breath; increased flow of saliva.


Remove all dead teeth and salivary calculus. Remove the morbid growth by a horizontal incision through the diseased structure to the crowns of the teeth, and freely scarify the gums by passing a lancet between the teeth to the process, and repeat this operation at intervals of four or five days, if necessary. Use detergent and astringent and antiseptic lotions and mouth-washes, and occasionally a weak solution of nitrate of silver. Phenate of soda is efficacious as a lotion, it is also antiseptic. Diet non-irritating, and all excess and intemperance avoided. The teeth should be kept perfectly clean. Trichloracetic acid to dissolve calculus.