The diet is of great importance in all forms of inflammation. Food of the most nutritious character and of a form easily digested is very necessary. Milk, pure, or mixed with lime water, peptonized or sterilized, or in the form of gruel, is the most valuable of all liquid foods; alcohol may be given with it in the form of wine whey. Meat broths are nutritious and digestible, and pure beef juice is very reliable. When food cannot be taken by the stomach, enemata of beef broths, and some of the various peptonized forms of meat, may be given by the rectum. A few drops of laudanum with the enema will assist in retaining food thus given. After the fever and inflammation subside, the solid forms of food may be given more freely. Tonics, such as iron, calisaya bark and the phosphites, are then indicated to improve the appetite and favor repair.