labarraque's solution.


NaCI, NaClO.


Solution of Chlorinated Soda is obtained by decomposing a solution of carbonate of sodium by one of chlorinated lime. It is a transparent liquid, of a greenish-yellow color, having a faint odor of chlorine and a sharp saline taste.

Medical Properties And Action

Solution of chlorinated soda internally is stimulant, tonic and antiseptic. Externally it is a stimulant, astringent and deodorizer, and is generally applied in the form of a lotion.

Therapeutic Uses

Solution of chlorinated soda is employed internally in typhus and typhoid and malignant scarlet fevers, mesenteric affections of children, etc. Externally it is used as an application to all forms of foul and indolent ulcers, ulcerations of membrane, ozaena, coryza, otorrhaea, syphilitic eruptions of scalp and other skin diseases, burns, etc., etc. It is used diluted and has an alkaline reaction. It is a powerful disinfectant, and is useful in all affections attended with fetor. The concentrated solution is an irritant poison and caustic; largely diluted it is tonic and stimulant.


A solution of chlorinated soda, gtt. xxx to 3j, diluted, several times a day; it fulfills the same indications as chlorinated lime.

Dental Uses

Solution of chlorinated soda is a valuable agent in dental practice as a disinfectant, deodorizer and antiseptic. It is employed in mercurial stomatitis, ulcerated gums, fetid discharges from carious teeth, and all affections of the mouth attended with fetid discharge, and is useful for its stimulating property, thus inducing healthy action; also in aphthae, cancrum oris, diseases of the antrum, necrosis of the bones of the jaws, scurvy, offensive breath, and as a bleaching agent for discolored teeth, especially in combination with powdered alum. It should be kept in glass-stoppered bottles and protected from the light and heat.

Dental Formulae

For Aphtha and Ulceration of the Mouth of Children.

Liquor sodae chlor., Myrrhae ..... aa

Aquae rosae.....



To be used as a lotion.

Signa 1169Signa 1170

For Mercurial Stomatitis. Liquor sodae chlor. . .


Aquae destillatae . . , SlGna. - To be used as a mouth wash.

Signa 1171Signa 1172

For Phagedenic and Sloughing Ulcers.

Liquor sodae chlor. . .



To be applied as a lotion.

Signa 1173Signa 1174

For Mercurial Stomatitis, Fetid Discharges from Carious Teeth, Ulcerated Gums, Etc.

Liquor sodae chlor. .



To be used as a lotion.

Signa 1175Signa 1176

For Offensive Breath and Deodorizer Generally.

Liquor sodae chlor.

(concent.) . . . gtt.vj to x Aquae purae .... Signa. - To be used as a gargle.

Signa 1177Signa 1178

For Offensive Breath. Liquor sodae chlor. . .



To be used as a gargle.

Signa 1179Signa 1180