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Permanganate of potassium is obtained by the mixture of equal parts of black oxide of manganese and chlorate of potassium, with a slight excess of caustic potassa, dissolving in water, and evaporating to dryness, when it is exposed to a nearly red heat; the chlorate of potassium yields oxygen, which changes the black oxide of manganese into permanganic acid, and this acid, combining with the potassa, gives as a product the permanganate of potassium. It is in the form of dark purple, slender, prismatic crystals, inodorous, very soluble in water, forming a solution of a beautiful lilac color, even in very minute proportion, and with a sweet, astringent taste.

Medical Properties And Action

Permanganate of potassium when taken internally, is supposed to oxydize the blood. It is a stimulant, mild escharotic, and is a powerful disinfectant, as it has a remarkable power of destroying fetid odors from organic sources, and proves useful in preventing the spread of infectious disease. It yields up its oxygen readily, in the form of ozone, and its use depends upon this property. It is instantly decomposed on reaching the stomach.

Therapeutic Uses

Permanganate of potassium is employed with advantage in dyspepsia, flatulence, excessive deposition of fat, uric acid diathesis, acute rheumatism, diabetes, scarlatina, petechial fever, spinal meningitis. Condy's Fluid is a favorite preparation with some, for both internal and external use. The most important uses for permanganate of potassium are externally, as a deodorizer and disinfectant, to correct the fetor of cancer, abscesses, ulcers, caries of bone, ozaena, otorrhoea, gonorrhoea, leucorrhoea, ulcerated sore throat, etc., in the form of injections, lotions and spray. It is also used externally in the treatment of diphtheria, in the proportion of a drachm of Condy's Fluid to the ounce of water. In solution, permanganate of potassium is applied in varying strength, according to the effect desired. As a local stimulant, as well as deodorizer, it is useful in chronic and indolent ulcers, carbuncles, hospital gangrene, etc. The powder may be sprinkled on gangrenous surfaces. In concentrated solution permanganate of potassium acts as a caustic. A strong solution is composed of 10 parts dissolved in 90 parts of water, and is employed in its full strength in cancerous, phagedenic and atonic ulcers. For dressing simple wounds, or as an injection in abscesses, ozaena, leucorrhcea, etc., half a fluid ounce of the solution may be added to a pint of water; in gangrenous and diphtheritic wounds and scrofulous ulcers, a fluid ounce of the solution to a pint of water.


Of permanganate of potassium for internal use, gr. 1/4 to gr. j, three times a day. Condy's Fluid is composed of 32 grains of permanganate of potassium in one pint of distilled water ; half-fluid ounce contains one grain. Dose of Condy's Fluid, Dose 1348

For external application, Dose 1349 to water, to x.

Solution of permanganate of potassium - Liquor Potassii Permanganatis, is composed of 64 grains of permanganate of potassium to one pint of distilled water. Lacerda has recently discovered that permanganate of potassium is one of the most energetic antidotes to the venom of snakes.

Dental Uses

In dental practice the permanganate of potassium is employed in the treatment of fetid and gangrenous ulcerations of the mouth, such as cancrum oris, foul abscesses, ulcerations of mucous membrane attended with fetid discharges, offensive breath ; as an antiseptic in decomposing pulps of teeth (grs. ij to water Dental Uses 1351 ; in diseases of the antrum, such as abscess, and caries and necrosis of the maxillary bones, Riggs' disease, ulcers of the mouth, pyorrhoea alveolaris, etc. (grs. x to water

The powdered crystals introduced into a carious cavity will relieve odontalgia. The stains of permanganate of potassium can be removed by dilute hydrochloric acid.

Dental Formulae

For Unhealthy Ulcers of the Mouth, and Offensive Breath.

J. W. White.

Potas. permanganatis Aquae destillatae . . Oj. M.


To be used as a gargle.

Signa 1353Signa 1354

For Gangrenous Ulceration of the Mouth - Cancrum Oris.

Potassii permanganatis Aquae destillatae . . . Signa. - Apply as a lotion.

Signa 1355Signa 1356

For Fetid Perspiration and Foul Breath.

Potassii permanganatis . gr. j Aquae destillatae . . . . f Signa. - To be used as a lotion and gargle.

Signa 1357Signa 1358

For a Disinfectant in Mercurial Salivation.

Potassii permanganatis gr. xv Aquae destillatae . . . f Signa. - Use as a gargle.

Signa 1359Signa 1360

For Ulcers, Abscesses, Decomposing Pulps of Teeth, etc.

Liquoris potassii permanganatis.........

Aquae destillatae...............


To be used as a gargle or as an injection.

Signa 1361Signa 1362