Hi-me-nop'te-ra. L. neut. pl. of hymenopterus, fr. Gr.

3 Hymenoptera Hymenoptorous Family 845


3 Hymenoptera Hymenoptorous Family 846

membrane, +

3 Hymenoptera Hymenoptorous Family 847

wing - i. e., animals have membranous wings. This family includes the highest insects, because of their superior structural development, instinctive faculties, and social qualities. They have 4 membranous wings, the anterior pair being the larger, with a thickened dark spot on their front side, few reticulations; the tarsi 4-5-jointed; the tongue or lingua is converted into an organ for sucking honey, liquid food, etc., and the mandibles are adapted to biting or cutting. In bees, wasps, and ants the multivalve ovipositor of the female (workers) is modified into a sting. Genus: 1. Apis.