In cases of fracture, resection, and transplanting of periosteum, Wegner found that small, continued doses of phosphorus stimulated the growth of new bone, especially in young animals; also that ossification in the foetus was promoted by giving phosphorus to the mother. It is noteworthy that he obtained similar results, though less in degree, from phosphoric acid and oxy-compounds of phosphorus, but not from the amorphous element, nor from lime phosphate.

I have myself seen good results from phosphorus in ordinary caries of bone, and again, in cases of abscess connected with necrosed bone, it lessens suppuration and hastens the separation of the sequestrum; given during pregnancy, it relieves the dental caries and neuralgia often incidental to that state, and I have given the hypophosphites successfully in such cases. It may be presumed that phosphorus, and such preparations of it, would also improve the nutrition of the foetus in weakly subjects, and I think they might often be used with advantage in chronic rachitis.