Mr. Fergus records also excellent results from the acid used in lotion to a compound fracture and to a severe contused wound of the face (where it is always important to avoid scarring): under a lotion of 1 part in 7 constantly applied, the wounds healed quickly and without suppuration. Dr. John Balfour has had marked success with a lotion (1 in 12) applied on thin rag kept constantly wet for the first day or two after injury, afterward wetted every twelve hours with tepid lotion kept covered by oiled silk, zinc ointment being substituted about the third or fourth day. Severe compound fractures of the hand with laceration of tendon, and gunpowder burns, fractures of the shoulder and other joints by machinery - all did well under this treatment, which seemed to give almost instant relief from pain, to control and greatly restrain suppurative action, and secure primary union whenever possible. (Edinburgh Medical Journal, June, 1869, November, 1871). Mr. Pair-man notes its value in quickly curing a "hack" in horses.