Monneret recommended the insufflation of bismuth powders for coryza, and in chronic catarrhal conditions Soubrier used a snuff containing 4 parts of the subnitrate with 8 of liquorice and 30 of iodide of sulphur (Bulletin, 1859). For acute cases Dr. Ferrier has lately reintroduced a formula containing 1/2 to 1 gr. of morphia, well triturated with 60 gr. each of the subnitrate and of gum acacia, and this often acts well in cutting short a troublesome "cold in the head;" this I have frequently prescribed, but find patients discontinue it on account of its causing frontal headache and clogging- of the nostrils. In leucorrhoea bismuth has been applied in powder or paste, on charpie, or as injection in the proportion of 1 to 8 of water, and has been used with advantage in gonorrhoea and gleet (Caby).

Therapeutical Action (Internal)