Brominized inhalations and external applications have been successfully used, especially by German physicians in these maladies, and in diphtheritic vaginitis (British Medical Journal, ii.,1872). Ozanam used also an aqueous solution internally (British and Foreign Review, April, 1869), and I have myself seen excellent results with this combined method of treatment, diphtheritic membrane disappearing under it. I have employed the inhalations and bromine internally every three or four hours, using one or two drachms of a solution containing eight drops to the ounce, even when the disease had extended to the bronchi, and great prostration had set in; and sometimes I have used the vapor and local applications of bromine while giving iron internally, also with very good results.

Redenbacher has reported two successful cases in which bromine and bromides were useful (British Medical Journal, i., 1879).

Therapeutical Action (Internal)