Several authors concur in stating that the local use of iodine tincture will relieve this inflammation.

Lanyon relates a case of idiopathic erysipelas, affecting the right side of the face and rapidly extending. The tincture was painted over and beyond the inflamed part; within four hours pain was relieved and sleep obtained; the malady did not advance, and, after another application, next day, convalescence set in.

Boinet records two cases of "traumatic" erysipelas - one connected with suppurating wounds in the perineum, and affecting the right thigh, the other starting from a varicose ulcer, and affecting the whole leg. Thorough application of iodine tincture, once daily for three days, rendered the wounds healthy, and controlled the inflammation and swelling. Dr. Davies is another advocate for the same remedy, used rather stronger (40 gr. iodine to 1 oz. alcohol).

Bartholow and others have not been so well satisfied with it, and care must be taken not to cause undue irritation by its use.