Free action of the skin offers one of the best hopes in this disease, and may be secured by means of the Turkish or vapor-bath. Buisson, a French physician, has recorded that, having become inoculated with the poison of rabies, and feeling the access of the malady, he went into a hot vapor-bath (107° F.) with the intention of committing suicide, but found his symptoms shortly relieved, and by a course of such baths (127° to 140° F.) quite cured. He adds that he has treated many similar cases successfully (Lancet, ii., 1877). In a case of Mr. Southam's, which occurred recently at the Manchester Infirmary, a girl was very much relieved of severe symptoms while in a "lamp-bath" and perspiring freely, though a sudden spasm of the larynx caused her death some hours afterward (Medical Record, October, 1879).