Neild injected 30 drops of ammonia on four separate occasions in a patient fatally narcotized by chloroform; temporary recovery occurred each time (Medical Times, i., 1871). In a case of opium-poisoning, when 40 gr. had been taken, and death was imminent, revival, though only for a time, also followed directly on ammonia-injection (British Medical Journal, ii., 1872). Mr. Richards has specially drawn attention to the value of ammonia-injections in alcoholic coma, and has shown that some of Dr. Halford's patients who had much brandy (one got a bottle and a half in three hours) were really more comatose from the alcohol than from the bite, and hence their recovery. He remarks on the importance of a slow injection, and recommends 10-min. doses (Lancet, i., 1880, p. 115).