Cases of fracture and laceration accompanied with collapse and treated by ammonia-injections have been recorded by Mr. Tibbitts. In one man, 40 drops with 2 oz. of warm water were passed into one of the veins of the arm, and, after temporary arrest of breathing, a violent convulsion occurred; but, on subsidence of this, general stimulation was evident, and he rallied for several hours. In a second case, 30 drops were injected, with a somewhat similar result; in the third patient, when only 10 drops were given, pulse and respiration were at once restored, vomiting occurred, and recovery followed (Medical Times, ii., 1872).

Recovery, though only temporary in character, followed a similar injection given during collapse in severe scarlet fever (British Medical Journal, i., 1877), and in the same condition, occurring during puerperal fever, Tyler Smith injected 30 min. with 3 parts of water, and ultimate recovery followed; but two cases thus treated by Mr. Spencer Wells proved unsuccessful (British Medical Journal, ii., 1869).