In these maladies, lime has by no means retained the reputation it formerly held, but may certainly give some relief. The secret remedy of a Mrs. Stephens received so much commendation, that Parliament purchased the recipe for 5,000 about one hundred years ago, and it was found to be mainly of calcined egg-shells (lime carbonate) and soap, with vegetable bitters, and though much of the benefit must be set down to the alkali of the soap, yet Whytt obtained very good results afterward from simple lime-water. Lime salts may relieve vesical pain and inflammation, and by a constringing and sedative effect on the mucous membrane of the bladder may lessen the ropy discharge and the general sensibility; a solvent action may also be exerted, but not probably to a great degree; the benzoate of lime has been credited with more decided effect. Lime-water should also be injected, after washing out the viscus with soothing mucilaginous liquids. Professor Stille remarks, "There is reason to believe that uric acid gravel may be dissolved and eliminated under the use of lime compounds. How far they are superior to the carbonates of the alkalies for this purpose will depend chiefly on the state of the digestive organs - when these are feeble, lime-water is the better preparation."

The waters of Wildungen, which are much used in lithiasis, owe their efficacy principally to lime carbonate (vol. i., p. 172).