In congestive enlargement of the uterus, with some induration of the cervix connected with sub-involution or chronic inflammation, benefit may be derived from iodine locally applied. Tepid injections containing 1 to 2 dr. of the tincture in a pint of water, and also iodized hip-baths, are useful. Dr. Greenhalgh prepares an "iodized cotton" by saturating 8 oz. of cotton in the same quantity of glycerin, containing 1 oz. of pure iodine and 2 oz. iodide of potassium, and keeps a pledget of this pressed for some hours against the cervix, withdrawing it when necessary by a thread secured to it. Dr. Graily Hewitt applies the tincture directly to the inflamed part, and recommends this treatment especially for patients of sluggish habit and scrofulous diathesis. My own experience of this treatment in similar cases is favorable. Dr. James Bennett recommends direct injection of an iodized solution in chronic cervical metritis (Dublin Medical Journal, October, 1878). In cases of granular erosion and ulceration, the iodide of silver, prepared extempore as recommended by Dr. Wright, by adding a few drops of iodine tincture to some nitrate of silver solution, may be used with much advantage ("Diseases of Women"). In amenorrhoea dependent upon torpor of the uterine system, local applications of iodine are useful.