In chronic forms of vomiting connected with ordinary dyspepsia, and in that of alcoholism which occurs usually in the early morning, and is of a bilious character, with painful straining, arsenic is of ten useful: also in the retching and vomiting of pregnancy I have obtained excellent results from 2 to 5-min. doses. Dr. Decamp has highly recommended the same treatment (Philadelphia Medical and Surgical Reporter, 1872, No. 27), and Bartholow mentions, as additional indications for it, the rejection of the food, streaked with blood, or blood only, also gastralgia and interscapular pain. It is not only serviceable in cases of the rapid passage of half-digested food occurring very soon after meals, but also in cases where the motions are frequent, watery, containing mucus, offensive and irritating to the anus, and even when bloody and dysenteric in character and accompanied with tenesmus, prostration, and vomiting. In true dysentery, especially when of malarial origin, and verging into a chronic state, arsenic is often of the greatest value.