The astringent tonic effect of perchloride on the gastro-intestinal mucous membrane, renders it a good adjunct to purgative treatment for these parasites, and a useful prophylactic. When diluted, it may be injected into the rectum for destroying ascarides: I generally use about 1 dr. of the liquor in 4 oz. of infusion of quassia: a stronger solution is liable to cause unnecessary pain.

Preparations And Dose

Iron preparations, especially the liquid astringent forms, discolor the teeth and stain the tongue black - they should be taken through a glass tube: glycerin lessens the rough astringent taste, and a gargle of milk will relieve it (Guibout). A lotion of quadroxalate of potash (1/2 dr. in 1/2 pint of rose-water) will remove the black staining.

Mistura ferri aromatica (made with iron wire, cinchona, calumba, and aromatics): dose, 1 to 2 fl.oz. Vinum ferri (made with iron wire and sherry): dose, 1 to 2 fl.dr. and upward. Ferrum redactum: dose, 2 to 6 gr. for adults; 1/4 to 1 gr. for children. Trochisci ferri redacti: each lozenge contains a grain of reduced iron. Reduced iron may be taken with advantage during a meal, the powder being mixed up with the food.

Ferri oxidum magneticum: dose, 3 to 5 gr. or more. Ferri peroxidum hydratum: dose, 10 to 60 gr. or more in treacle or honey. Emplastrum ferri - Chalybeate plaster (contains hydrated peroxide of iron, Burgundy pitch, and lead plaster). Ferri peroxidum humidum: dose, 2 to 4 dr.

Ferri carbonas saccharata: dose, 5 to 20 gr. or more. Mistura ferri composita (contains sulphate of iron, carbonate of potash, nutmeg, sugar, and rose-water): dose, 1 to 2 fl.oz. Pilula ferri carbon at is (contains sac-charated carbonate of iron and confection of roses): dose, 5 to 20 gr. or more.

Ferri iodidum: dose, 1 to 5 gr. or more. Syrupus ferri iodidi (contains iodine 2 parts, iron 1 part, with sugar and water): dose, 20 to GO min.: each fluid drachm of the syrup contains nearly four grains and a half of iodide of iron. Pilula ferri iodidi: dose, 3 1/2 to 8 gr. or more; one grain of iodide of iron is contained in about 3 1/2 gr. of the pill.

Ferri sulphas: dose, 3 to 5 gr.: the "Pilules de Blaud" contain carbonate of potash with sulphate of iron. Ferri sulphas exsiccata: dose,

1/2 to 3 gr. or more (3 gr. with 2 of manna make a good pill). Ferri sul-phas granulata: dose, 3 to 5 gr.

Ferri arsenias: dose, 1/16 gradually increased to 1/8 gr. in pill. Ferri phosphas: dose, 5 to 10 gr. Syrupus ferri phosphatis: dose, 1 dr. and upward (contains soda and phosphoric acid with 1 gr. of the iron salt in each fl. dr.; is colorless when fresh).

Liquor ferri perchloridi fortior: dose, 3 to 10 min. Liquor ferri perchloridi 1 (contains 1 part of the last-mentioned to 3 of distilled water, p. gr. .995): dose, 10 to 30 min. or more. Tinctura ferri perchloridi (contains 1 part of the stronger solution to 3 of rectified spirit, sp. gr. .995): dose, 10 to 30 min. or more. Ferri pernitratis liquor: dose, 30 to 60 min. Ferri persulphatis liquor (chiefly used in preparing other ferruginous salts).

Ferri et ammonioe citras: dose, 5 to 10 gr. or more. Vinum ferri citratis (prepared with orange wine): dose, 1 to 4 dr. Ferrum tartara-tum: dose, 5 to 20 gr. Ferri et quinioe citras: dose, 5 to 20 gr. Tinctura ferri acetatis: dose, 5 to 30 min.

[Preparations, U. S. P. - Ferrum redactum; Mistura ferri compo-sita: myrrh, sugar, each 60 gr., carbonate of potassium 25 gr., sulphate of iron 20 gr., spirit of lavender 1/2 fluidounce, rose-water 7 1/2 fluidounces; dose, 1 to 2 fluidounces; Pilula ferri carbonatis: sulphate of iron 8 troyounces, carbonate of sodium 9 troyounces, clarified honey 3 troy-ounces, sugar 2 troyounces, boiling water 2 pints, syrup sufficient; dose, 2 to 10 grains; Ferri subcarbonas; Trochisci ferri subcarbonatis (they contain 5 gr. each of the subcarbonate); Emplastrum ferri; Ferri chloridum; Liquor ferri chloridi; Tinctura ferri chloridi; Ferri citras; Liquor ferri citratis; Ferri et ammonii citras; Ferri et ammonii sulphas; Ferri et ammonii tartras; Ferri et potassii tartras; Ferri et quinioe citras; Ferri et strychnioe citras; dose, 3 to 5 gr.; Syrupus ferri iodidi; Pilula ferri iodidi; Ferri lactas; Ferri oxalas; dose, 2 to 3 gr.; Liquor ferri nitratis; Ferri oxidum hydratum (used as an antidote to arsenic); Ferriphosphas; Ferri pyrophosphas; Ferri sulphas; Ferri sulphas exsiccata; Liquor ferri subsulphatis (Monsel's styptic); Liquor ferri tersulphatis (used in preparations); Piluloe, ferri compositoe: myrrh 36 gr., carbonate of sodium, sulphate of iron, each 18 gr., syrup sufficient: make 24 pills; Ferri sulphuretum.]

1 The tincture of perchloride often becomes turbid, which is due to it not containing sufficient chlorine, part of this gas being driven off by the long process of evaporation which is required in order to drive off nitric acid; the quantity of acid ordered in B.P. is 23 per cent. over the quantity required by chemical calculation, and Schacht finds that by using less (20 per cent. less) he obtains a preparation having less hyponitrous ether, and which keeps better (Pharmaceutical Journal, September, 1872). The U. S. Pharmacopoeia specially provides for the development of muriatic ether in the tincture.

The non-officinal preparations are very numerous, and include the following:

Preparations of Tisy (French): these are all proto-salts, and are sent out in capsules - as of Fer iodure, etc.; analysis shows the quantity contained in each capsule to be very small, and not constant (Practitioner, vol. vii.).

Preparations of Creuse (American): these are double salts, such as a phosphate with ammonio-citrate - non-astringent: he has also a tasteless iodide and chloride (Pharmaceutical Journal, May, 1873, and February, 1874).

Preparations of Robiquet (French): these are double salts, as a citro-ammoniacal phosphate; they are not definite in composition. Preparation of Bechamp (French): this is a peroxychloride, obtained by treating neutral perchloride with a varying quantity of peroxide; it is tasteless, not caustic or irritant, but haemostatic (Medical Record, 1874, p. 795). The preparations of Lebarqui, Bravais, Squire, Chateaud, and Man-ghan are different forms of Oxide - "dialysed," "soluble," colloid. Van den Corput's preparation is a double citrate of iron and magnesia (Belgian): that of Saquet is a pyrophosphate with soda, ammonia, and malt extract. Lightfoot's solution is said to be a magnetic phosphate.

Besides these, we have in more common use - Bromide of iron: dose, 1 to 5 gr. Pyrophosphate of iron: dose, 5 to 10 gr. Hypophosphite of iron syrup: dose, 1 dr. (Pharmaceutical Journal, v., vii.). Parrish's syrup of phosphates (compound), containing in each drachm 1 gr. phosphate of iron with soda and potash; Dr. Frederick Churchill's syrup (v. British Medical Journal, March, 1880); Beef and iron wine (Burroughs); Monsel's solution (liq. ferri subsulphatis); and many others.