The sulphate of an alkaloid prepared from Bebeeru Bark.

Source.-Made by (1) exhausting the powdered Bark with Water and Sulphuric Acid; (2) precipitating the colouring matter with Lime; (3) filtering and precipitating impure Beberia by Ammonia; (4) making a tincture, and therefrom a solution in Diluted Sulphuric Acid; (5) purifying and evaporating to dryness.

Characters.-Dark-brown thin translucent scales; yellow when in powder; with a strong bitter taste. Solubility, 1 in 80 of water; sparingly in spirit.

Incompatibles.-Alkalies and their carbonates, bromide and iodide of potassium, lime-water, tartaric acid and tartrates astringent infusions and tinctures.

Lose.-1 to 10 gr.

Action And Uses

Bebeeru bark is an aromatic bitter, stomachic and tonic in its effects, like orange and cascarilla; the alkaloid possesses the properties of a pure bitter.

Like all other substances of this class, beberia is antiseptic, and to a small extent antipyretic and antiperiodic; but these effects being comparatively insignificant, its use in fever and ague has now been abandoned.