Cadmii Iodidiim. - Iodide of Cadmium. CdI2.

Source. - Made by direct combination of Iodine and Cadmium in the presence of Water.

Characters. - Flat white micaceous crystals, of a pearly lustre. Solubility, 1 in 1 1/2 of water.

Impurity. - Zinc, and general impurities.

Preparation. Unguentum Cadmii Iodidi. - 1 in 8.

Action And Uses

Cadmium closely resembles zinc in its action, both locally and specifically, but is even more irritant, and is not given internally. The iodide, in the form of the ointment or in aqueous solution, is applied as a local stimulant to enlarged joints and glands, to promote absorption, instead of the iodide of lead which stains the skin yellow.