Only one salt of this metal is officinal.

Cerii Oxalas. - Oxalate of Cerium. CeC2O43H1O.

Source. - Made by precipitating a solution of Oxalate of Ammonia with a soluble salt of Cerium.

Characters. - A white granular powder; insoluble in water.

Impurities. - Alumina; detected by its solution in potash giving precipitate with NH4C1. Other oxalates, the ash of which gives effervescence with boiling HC1.

Dose. - 1 to 2 gr.

Action And Uses

Nothing is definitely known about the physiological action of cerium. It is given with benefit in vomiting, acid dyspepsia, and heartburn, especially when they occur in pregnancy; and has been credited with good effects in chronic nervous diseases such as epilepsy and chorea.